Let us help plan your vacation

April 13, 2014 in Plan your vacation by GuanaMarketing


Space, space, and more space. Our Guana Cay vacation rental homes give you more than 1,000 square feet in which to stretch out, unwind and enjoy. By comparison, hotel rooms are virtual shoeboxes with an average of just 325 square feet.


Vacation home rentals are almost always more affordable than hotels. Factor in the cost of eating out three times a day and a vacation home with a fully-equipped kitchen can be a significantly better value!


“Run of House.” When you stay in a hotel, you have no choice but to conform to its schedule for meals, housekeeping, fitness facilities, etc. Not so in a vacation home. You can get out of bed when you like. Swim or walk the Great Guana Cay beaches whenever the urge strikes. Eat breakfast (or have a nightcap, for that matter) when it suits you.


Pets are welcome. While there are hotels that will accommodate your four-legged family member, it can be a chore to find one. Furthermore, pet rooms typically cost more and are situated in the less desirable parts of the building. In some cases, the rooms themselves are not as well kept as the rest of the other rooms. We welcome your pet and also provide pet beds.


No hidden charges. When you book a vacation rental home with us, you’re dealing directly with the owner. That means you know exactly what your stay includes and exactly how much it will cost. There are no surprise fees for parking, internet, pool towels, bottled water, etc.


All the comforts of home. Our Vacation rentals are just that: Homes. They include all the things you’d expect to find at home. Internet access, Direct TV, books, beach toys, coolers, chairs, floats and games for inside and out. These kinds of amenities can make your stay so much more comfortable – especially if you’re travelling with the family or for an extended period of time.


We do the shopping before you arrive. We know you have traveled and can’t wait to relax. We help you do that sooner by doing your grocery and sprits shopping for you before you arrive.

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