Abacos Island Hopping

Island Hopping

Let’s go island hopping to the near by Abacos Islands and Cays. 

 Rent a boat on Guana Cay and set off exploring the near by Islands and Cays  Elbow Cay, Lubbers Quarters Cay, Green Turtle Cay, Great Guana Cay, Castaway Cay, Man-o-War Cay, Stranger’s Cay, Umbrella Cay, Walker’s Cay, Little Grand Cay, and Moore’s Island.

Island hopping in Abaco - on Prozac

You can call Captain Ossie at Abaco Adventures from Treasure Cay, who will  pick you upon Guana Cay and take you island hopping. You can easily combine snorkeling and island hopping. Schedule a trip with Captain Ossie on Prozac for a day of fun and adventure.

 Take the ferry to Marsh Harbour, then take a taxi ($6) to the ferry dock for Elbow Cay ( Hope Town ) or Man-O-War Cay, This island is famous for its boat-building history. Let the ferry captain that you’re coming back the same day, and you’ll get the ticket for $50 (a discount of $4).

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