Guana Cay Vacation Home Rental

August 18, 2018 in Plan your vacation by GuanaMarketing

Is Guana Cay Vacation Home Rental Right For You?

Guana Cay Bahamas Vacaton RentalYou can go to the mountains, the beach or to any major city and find a vacation home rental these days. Deciding if this relatively new way to spend your few weeks of time off each year is right for you depends on what your needs are. Many people swear by what is often called VRBO (Vacation Rental by Owner) and rely on this for all their vacations.

Guana Cay Vacation Home Rentals are usually set up by the week. You rent a home that is privately owned directly from the homeowner and have the right to stay in it and use all of the amenities for the duration of your stay. VRBO’s vary in size from nice-sized condominiums to spacious homes that can comfortably fit up to twenty people. Why are so many people turning to Guana Cay vacation home rentals?

• The price is right. Because you are renting an entire house, most people share the cost with another couple or family because there is plenty of room. The smallest VRBO is usually two bedrooms and two full baths as well as a kitchen, living room and patio, so when you look at prices, remember to divide them by how many people will actually be paying.
Guana Cay vacation home rentals
• You have more space. Staying in a hotel for a week or two can get very confining. After a few days having to sit on your bed to watch television can get old. Add in not being able to relax or eat somewhere other than where you sleep and a house is a much better option. You can spread out yourself and your stuff in a vacation home rental.

• You have more privacy. There’s no worrying about the loud couple next door, late night revelers in the hallways or other disturbances when you’re staying in a Guana Cay vacation home rental. You can come and go when you please, lounge on your balcony or porch without prying eyes and generally feel safer and more secure knowing you’re in a private home.

• You save money in other ways. With a complete kitchen, you have the chance to make your own meals. Over a week or two in an expensive area, a Guana Cay vacation home rental can save you hundreds of dollars just on food bills – and you can eat whatever you want, whenever you want!

• The amenities are better. Don’t you hate dragging home two weeks worth of dirty laundry at the end of your vacation? And having wet bathing suits hanging in the bathroom? Not a problem in a VRBO – just use the washer and dryer whenever you want to. The beds are also more comfortable and the décor is warm, welcoming and homier.

• Guana Cay Vacation home rentals are great for family reunions. How many times have you tried to get everyone together in one place? It’s hard to decide where and when, but planning a family vacation together in a beautiful vacation spot is always a great way to have a family reunion. Many people end up using a vacation home rental for a group vacation year after year.

Guana Cay Vacation Home Rental

The key to finding a good Guana Cay vacation home rental? Look for listings that state they are “vacation rental by owner.” (Not a rental company.) Owners save the commissions and pass the savings on to you. Also look for VRBO’s that list references or testimonials from previous visitors. Then just find the size and location that’s right for you. If you choose a Guana Cay vacation home rental for your next vacation, you’ll find yourself going back again and again.